Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What to do when they tell you she's dying...

I haven't had a real relationship with my dad's side of the family for almost a year. I won't get into the deep, dirty parts of it, but some of it was my choice, and some of it was their's. It did hurt at first to have people that say they are family refuse to forgive, and to hold on to anger so deeply that I was burned by their fiery words time after time. This is why I chose to end my relationship with them. I realized that as an adult, it is my choice who I spend my time with, and who I let speak into my life. I decided that I need to walk away. It's not forever- God has made that clear- but I really needed to take a stand for myself, and just get away from their blaming words, and assuming looks.

Holidays are going to be a struggle (well, if we're being honest, they've been a struggle for a while), but there is more to life than doing what people think I should do. Life is about doing what God wants me to do. And, while I am by no means saying that God is telling me not to have a relationship with my dad's side of the family, I do know that I feel He has given me permission to take a vacation and heal.