Saturday, July 10, 2010

He sees me...

Last night, I went to a conference at my church. Going into it, I wasn't too sure what to expect except that the Holy Spirit would possibly be there. I say this because the conference was called "Come, Holy Spirit." I figured if there were a group of people, all in the same place, asking the Lord to show up- He probably would come.

As the evening began, I felt myself not really being engaged in the events of the evening. Although the stories were super-cool, I myself did not feel the Lord's presence. Which was odd. Wasn't it called the "Come, Holy Spirit" conference? If so, then where was He?

During the minsitry time, alot of people were responding to things. Some of them were responding to a need to get prayer for certain things, and some were responding to pray for the people needing prayer. I felt really awkward for some reason- extremely disconnected from what was going on.

Just as I think to myself, "I hope I'm not called out. I don't want to go forward, and don't want prayer..." My friend turns to me and asks if he can pray for me. Um, no. But.... I just looked at him awkwardly (he didn't know what I was just thinking, but God did....), and said, "okay..." He just prayed a simple prayer for me to feel more of the Lord's presence. I trembled a bit, and it was over. Short and simple, right? Wrong. Well, short-yes. Simple-no. The Lord really spoke to me in that moment. He said, "I see you." That was it. It moved me so much because my friend had no idea what I was feeling, but God wanted me to know that He heard me, and loved me enough to respond.

I love Jesus.

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