Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Journey to Becoming Gainfully Employed

So I have decided to move back to VA and pursue a Master Degree. Just joining the blog? Read about what led me to that decision here. Abraham Maslow's theory of the heirarchy of needs suggests that the most basic level of needs must be met before the individual will strongly desire (or focus motivation upon) the secondary or higher level needs. These basic needs include esteem, friendship and love, security/shelter, and physical needs. In order to provide security/shelter, I need to obtain a job ( to provide food and shelter). This may sound simple, but from 8 hours away, it’s pretty tricky.

There have been a few times in the past that I have been without employment. That may have been due to relocation, being terminated, or resigning. None of those were easy times. It pretty much sucked. I would try so hard to find a job that would allow me to pay bills— a job that didn’t make me want to jump off a cliff— and for many days or weeks come up empty handed.

I have a good job now. I have just received a great review, and will be getting a raise (more money = more bills being paid). So, why in the world would I give this all up? Why would I stop doing something that allows me to live in a world where I don’t have an anxiety attack every time I get a bill in the mail? Because God told me to, that’s why. But for some, that still doesn’t make sense.

I am now entering a world of filling out applications at Liberty University and praying that my resume sticks out. I didn’t include cover letters, which would explain why I am moving back down to LU, which I am now regretting. I am praying that God would provide a job before I move… but I know that this has been a season of God providing for things at the very last minute— which may make me look like I don’t have my sh** together, but it will shine a huge spotlight on God (which is what He does for a living!)

I am doing my best to pray through everything and not try to figure it all out. I don’t want to have to walk through this road again, and would prefer to be obedient the first time. I waited for fourteen months for God to reveal where I was going after He told me to “go.” I’m able to wait for Him to provide for me before I try to provide for myself.

In the past, I have stopped just short of walking out my faith completely. Now, I have an opportunity to forsake all and follow on Jesus’ path… to the finish line. This will be like an uphill hurdle race for me, with the first hurdle being to get a job. Follow my journey to the finish line, as I dive into the pool— trusting there will be water when I come down.


  1. Coming Back, Seeing the Way, Seeing the Right Path

  2. These 'titles' should be on your lyrics blog :-)

  3. Thanks! Those are great suggestions :). I had a suggestion at a show that I played at last night. I'm praying about it- hoping to be inspired by one of them.