Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Season of Change

I like schedule, systematic planning, and structure (the Three S's for a Type A). But, I also like it when seasons shift and morph into something different. I'm sure everyone can relate to that. I mean, who doesn't like that exciting adrenaline that happens right before you embark on something new? Well, some people. I can name two right off the bat, but I don't want to call them out ;) Obviously, there are changes about to happen, or happening, or I wouldn't be writing about this...

I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies almost 4 years ago. I love learning, and had both relief and mourning when I finished school. I was relieved because it seemed to take WAY too long to finish an undergrad degree. Oh wait, it did. But, it was really in the Lord's time that I did finish. He had a plan for me that included it taking me 7 years to complete a 4-year degree. In the mourning period of not getting to do homework, papers, etc, anymore, I felt like I should enroll in grad school. I felt like my learning was not over. So, I applied for, and was accepted into, a program for Educational Administration. But... it just didn't feel right. Now, I find myself years later at this place where the timing is right, I've matured alot, and I have also found the right program to prepare me to be a successful leader in the church. In the Spring of 2011, I will be a student again (pending acceptance, of course). I will be filling out my application in the next few weeks and praying for the door to remain open, as I strongly feel like this is what the Lord would have for me.

I also have felt a strong calling to plan events for the Church. Not just fundraisers- but trips, retreats, dinners, parties, etc. I love networking and feel that God really wants to use my natural gifting for pulling people and resources together for His Kingdom. And so, an opportunity has come up recently for me to serve in this capacity. It is a long-term thing, and will definitely be fruitful, but timing is everything- I had until the middle of next week to decide and get back to the leader. The more I have prayed about it, the more I am sure that this is a door that I am supposed to walk through. A tricky thing is that it will take up more of my time- which seems to be pretty precious right now. People, work, things- they all want my time. I am really trying to listen to God and know what needs to be cut out (if anything) to make room for one more. I have an idea, but that is for another post.

Relationships. Gosh, aren't they something. The last semi-serious relationship I was in was last year. It was eye-opening, and God really taught me alot about what to look for (and not to look for), and really brought up alot of issues I didn't even know was there. One of the things God revealed to me is that He will communicate with me when I am supposed to say "yes" to a relationship. Just because the guy is the pursuer doesn't mean that I shouldn't still be hearing from God in the matter. So, here I find myself-with a great boyfriend. Someone who is careful and cautious, and has a soft heart to Jesus. That last one is the most important to me. If you aren't listening to the Lord and His correction, and have a hardened heart to Him, how in the world do you expect to be able to love someone as they should be loved? You can't.

So, here I find myself- my world about to get completely shifted by the Lord. All I can do is praise Him for not giving up on me, and cling to Him during this adjustment time. The fact that He is still working on me is encouraging enough :)

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