Monday, December 10, 2012

A Week At The Gym

A few weeks ago, I began trying to schedule out specific blog posts to try to post regularly. Well, that worked for a while. Life just kinda happens. But, I’m not letting that discourage me. I’m jumping back in there and moving forward!
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Monday posts are reserved for my detailed workout plans for the week. The first two weeks of that weren’t so successful, mostly because I was doing it alone. It’s hard to push yourself.

Then I caught wind of a friend who was looking for someone to split their gym membership with them. What do I get? A gym membership for $10, and motivation to work out first thing in the morning!

I had to practice waking up early (since I usually sleep in), and the first few days were really hard. But, since I was getting my body moving, it made it much easier to wake up. And strangely enough, I have found that if I brush my teeth right away, it perks me up and my eyes adjust quicker to being open.
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So, now that all that catch-up is out of the way, here is a peek at my plan for the gym this week:

Treadmill Walking Routine

This 30-minute walking workout tones and strengthens the hamstrings, quads and glutes (legs and butt).

My goal is to stay withing my target fat burning heart rate of 70-80% for most of the fat burning benefit, adjusting my speeds as necessary. For me, a 70% heart rate is 133 bpm, so my goal is to not drop below that.

Minute                           Speed                                Incline
0-3                                             3.0                                             0
3-5                                             3.4                                             1
5-7                                             3.5                                             3
7-10                                           3.7                                             1
10-11                                         3.4                                             6
11-16                                         3.6                                             0
16-17                                         3.4                                             8
17-20                                         3.4                                            10
20-23                                         3.7                                             0
23-26                                         3.4                                             8
26-28                                         3.5                                             3
28-30                                         3.3                                             0

I am going to take a copy of this with me and really focus on my heart rate and keeping it at the speed it needs to be to maximize my fat burn.
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I am also trying to work on getting a steady lifting routine and figure out what works for me. For now, I alternate what I work on. Arms one day, then legs, then arms. It’s that basic. I just try to get a burn going, but nothing too complicated. My biggest priority right now is my cardio routine.
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So, there you have it. I am still figuring out what my rest day is. I know for sure, Sundays, but I may also include a weekday.

Stay tuned for an update next week and keep moving!

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