Thursday, January 12, 2012

The "Normal" Life and a Surprise Blessing

...what is normal, anyways?

Well, I was starting to get used to it New Year's Eve. I went for a run, I
cooked, I unpacked a few more boxes.

Then, the next day, my father passed away. My heart broke, my world
crumbled, I dropped everything and left what was becoming home to deal with
everything in Ohio.

I had enough money to last a while, but suddenly I was faced with spending
quite a bit of money in a short amount of time. I knew what I needed to do, so I
said a quick prayer for God to provide for my every need. And then, I trusted
that He would provide.

And he did. A friend was moved to purchase a plane ticket for me. A leader
from my church in VA was moved to give me a little bit of money in case I
"needed a snack on the way home." There was secret money in my dad's safe that I
had no idea was there- for me- in my name.


So, I've been in Ohio since the 2nd. That would be 10 days. No job waiting
for me. Had to move a job interview I got in VA. Waiting. Wondering how God is
going to provide. (because He said He would and I try not to "doubt in the dark
what He has told me in the light.")

Even if I got the job I am going to be interviewed for, I may not start
right away. Rent is due in 3 weeks. Not stressed, but intensely curious. God is
amazing. He has provided every step of the way so far, and I know He will keep
doing so.

I woke up to an email this AM from someone I contacted a few weeks ago. I
heard they were looking for a nanny for their baby, so I reached out to them.
Nothing came of it until today. Apparently, the nanny the ended up hiring was
not going to work out, and so they wanted to know what my schedule was. Um......
open.... wide open....!!!

How did God provide for me today? A potential job nannying an
eighteen-month-old for a woman who used to mentor me.

I'm excited about this blessing, and also eager to get back to settling in to a "normal" life.

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  1. :) Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, looking back on how I've reacted in similar situations in the past, I can see how God has matured different areas of my faith. I'm really grateful for that, so I don't freak out all the time ;)

    How is Alaska? I was thinking about you guys yesterday...