Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did I Just Figure Myself Out?

Okay, so this diet is kicking my butt. I normally don't like sweets all the time, or salty food, or greasy food for that matter. But there are certain times when I want to eat all the chocolate in the world, and want chips or pretzels. Is there anything wrong with that? Isn't that a balance- to alternate between what bad foods I decide to snack on?

What if I eat all the servings of the healthy food I need and still maybe have a chocolate bar? Does the chocolate negate the 5 servings of fruit that I ate, or the pound of raw veggies? Or the pound of cooked veggies? Will I cease to be healthy if I do allow myself "fun food?"

I've struggled for as long as I can remember with food. I have so much shame and guilt attached with food. But, what would happen if I stopped feeling guilty or ashamed of what food I eat? What if I made my foods choices logical and non-emotional?

I ate extremely healthy yesterday, drank almost all the water I needed, and then was out at dinner time. I ended up eating tacos from a taco truck. One steak and one chorizo, which is a Mexican sausage. Meat wasn't the healthiest choice- but since I ate healthy all day, isn't that a good balance?

I don't plan on eating chorizo tacos all the time, but I think one way for me to be level-headed about this is to do my best to maintain a balance.

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