Monday, March 26, 2012

14.77 miles down, tons more to go!

I decided it would be cool to track how many miles I run during my training for the Virginia Ten Miler. So far, I've run 14.77 miles. It doesn't seem like a lot, but that's only been the past three weeks. And before this training, I was hardly getting any exercise at all.

So, almost 15 miles later, how do I feel? Well, I feel like I want to run all the time. I was sitting in a movie this past Friday, and in the middle of it, I was getting all fidgety. I just wanted to change my clothes, put on my running shoes and hit the pavement. But I didn't. I'm not trying to be all obsessed with running, so I made a mental note: "I will run the next chance I have."

That chance came the following afternoon. I had such a great run! 2.17 miles- a PR for distance this leg of training :) It was 60 degrees, sunny, and so many of my condo community were doing the same thing, so I wasn't running alone. I also saw a Korean family (I passed them several times, as I was running on a loop course behind our complex), and got to practice one of my four Korean phrases on them, "Anyong haseyo," which is a polite greeting. They were tickled that I knew a tiny bit of their language. :)

Yesterday (Sunday), I was planning on taking the day off, since I didn't want to be running three days in a row. But, my emotions got the best of me! I had an extremely frustrating situation with a friend of mine, and wasn't ready to handle it in a mature way. So, I decided to run it off. I didn't use the training program I normally do, I just started up my Fireflight station on Pandora (amazing music, by the way) and told myself, "Don't kill yourself. Just run until you aren't mad anymore." So, I took off. I warmed up and then ran and jogged and walked and stretched in the middle until I was completely certain I was free from the anger. When all was said and done, I ran 1.93 miles at a slow-but-steady pace. I felt great!

I felt that "Angry Run" this AM during my workout, but it was nothing that was regrettable. I feel great still. The endorphins are a little addicting, but I don't want to get burned out, so I need to just be smart about how often I run. I also don't want to injure myself, as I have done in the past. No torn muscles, no nerve issues, no twisted anything. Just healthy running at a healthy pace.

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