Thursday, May 31, 2012

There's No Escape

What do you do when you have been living a certain way your entire life, thinking it's normal, and then one day you find out that you need to change? You find out that there is more to life than this way of thinking and acting. What do you do?

What if the way you have been living has affected relationships you have for as long as you could remember? You knew that something felt "off," but couldn't put your finger on what it was. What do you do?

Is it so easy to just change? Do we ever simply change as soon as we know we should?

Changing our habits and ways of thinking is not like changing your pants or shirt or hair color.

It looks more like a gradual process. Like a metamorphosis. You know, that thing where the juicy, sometimes slimy caterpillar turns into a butterfly after being in a weird-looking cocoon for a while? That's what that is.

For me, this looks like God showing me that He loves me. Like, reallyreally loves me. And it's not like any love that I have known before. So, it's not the love I felt from an abuser. It's also not the love I felt from my family. This kind of love is one that I cannot escape.

My roommate was wise enough to hold up a mirror to my ways of thinking acting and remind me that there is nothing I could evereverevereverEVER do that would separate me from God's love. Is says that in Romans.

What do I do with that information? How can I love people more? How can I feel the depth of God's love? How can my thirty years of thinking become revolutionized?

Well, I don't know how everything works. But, I do know that God promises things. His promises are littered throughout the Old and New Testament. And He fulfills every one of theses promises. And if these happen to be prophecy for the future, then because He has followed through in the past, we can be assured that He will follow through with those things too. Because God never changes.

Beyond that knowledge, I just know that changes in my life need to happen, and God is the one to do it.

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