Saturday, April 28, 2012

Down 2 Dress Sizes....!!

...while that title sounds really exciting, I am having a hard time being rrrrreally excited about it. Why? Because my dress size went down 2 sizes, but my pants only went down 1/2 a size.

Digest that for a second.

Okay, see why I'm not a huge fan of that?

I like symmetry. This is not symmetric.

But, I will have to deal with it.

I chose the food I ate and the exercise I didn't do for years.

What I cannot choose is where the weight comes off, and in what order.


In order to try to add some humor to the stress that I am going to call, "Please, Jesus, don't let my body look weird after all this is done," I created this little illustration:

With the high-tech computer program that I used to draw this, you can see that everything is fairly realistic and to-scale.

Here is what I would like to point out:

Before: This is clearly exactly what I looked like before I started working out and eating healthier.

Outcome A: This would be okay. I could possibly lose weight mostly in my waist and keep chest/hip measurements. This is ideal, because women are supposed to have curves. I wouldn't want to lost my hips because they are useful for things such as carrying children and laundry baskets and dancing to music by Shakira (Hips Don't Lie, anyone??) My booty can shrink all it wants. There is no attachment there.

Outcome B: This can be a woman's worst nightmare while working out (and what happens a lot). You lose weight in your chest. You lose weight in your torso. Your butt? Stands firm. Hips? Still there. What the heck? It makes dress-buying harder because your top may very well be two entire sizes smaller than your bottom. Awk. Ward.

In all seriousness (which has been hard for me lately due to intoxicating excitement over THIS. It just makes me hyper and giggly.), I am quite content most of the time with what all the positive changes that have been taking place with my body. I do keep trying to motivate myself, and accepting encouragement from other people, because I don't want to fail. It's also because I know that I don't have to fail. There is realistic possibility of success, so why in the world would I give up? Finishing that race is going to make me cry and laugh and all kinds of stuff. And then I'll probably pass out. And then eat pancakes at IHOP.

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