Monday, June 25, 2012

Jonah the Fly

When I need a jolt of caffeine in the morning, I usually grab a soda from McDonalds. This morning, a tiny visitor ruined the relationship I was having with my drink.

I had sucked-down half of it and left it on the table for an hour or two. When I came back, I took a sip and found that there was something solid in my mouth. I thought for a second that maybe I had not swallowed all of my lunch and that's what it was.

Then, I realized I hadn't eaten lunch yet.

Then I panicked.

Then I spat out the invader.

It was a dead fly.

After gagging, I felt sorry for the guy that may have drowned in my drink. Sad little ending to a sad little life. Then I gagged again when I remembered that it was in.... my..... MOUTH! I counted all his legs and wings to make sure nothing was left behind and threw him in the trash.

Fast forward an hour.

I threw away a tissue in the trash and saw movement. I looked closer and realized that it was my friend enemy.




I almost killed him and then it occurred to me what he had just been through.


Being lightly chewed.

Face to face with me.

Squished in a Kleenex.

And then I decided that Jonah (I guess that makes me a whale??) had earned his life.

He lives on.

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