Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling overwhelmed... yet still peaceful...

So, I bit the bullet. I made an adult decision. My interviews (two, so far) for the Admissions Counselor position have gone really well. But..... if I want to start this year (like in December), then I need to start on December 5th. Like, in two and a half weeks. And a job in another state requires planning. Planning is what I am good at. I can plan a concert, a party, a to-do list, I can even make a planner out of poster board. I can plan.

This was not my plan.

I was planning on moving in January. I was planning on leisurely packing, taking a few trips down to VA to look at apartments, and maybe move a few things into storage. I was not planning on throwing my plans away and doing it God's way....

Wait, what? Oh yeah. I said it.

Because even in the middle of me stepping out in faith and getting back on track with God's will and pursuing what He wants me to do, I lost sight of Him. And, like Peter, I started to sink.

So, now I'm yelling at myself, "Lindsay Ma-freakin-rie!!! Keep your eyes on Jesus! He will not fail you! Stop trying to control everything. Stop trying to plan everything. Just do what God commanded you: dive off the diving board and just trust that there will be water."

Off to pack.

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