Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ordering my Private World

A while back, a friend gave me a book called Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald. It was super helpful in learning that there needs to be a balance in life. And part of that, sometimes, is stepping back and slowing down.

I started #NonstopNovember at full-speed. I jumped on that train without a plan. "Of course I can write everyday! I write everyday anyways..." But, I didn't take into account that while I do literally write everyday, I don't always complete a post everyday. Sometimes it takes me days- sometimes weeks- to complete one post, simply because I'm writing as I process. And processing through a topic is... well... a process.

So, #NonstopNovember stopped after 8 days. I couldn't take the pressure of starting and finishing something in one day. I was in the middle of a post about how cute my cat is when I realized that there was absolutely no substance whatsoever to the post. I was just writing because I said I would. And how boring is that?
----- ----- ----- -----

#NonstopNovember was about commitment, but it was also about challenging myself. A post about a cat is not challenging. Writing about deep issues is. Coming up with creative ides is. Writing humorous and entertaining posts is.

So, last night I sat down and came up with a plan. A schedule. Something that will allow me to post something everyday, but not overwhelm me with the task of writing on the fly (which, for me, never turns out well).

This plan helps me to still write about topics that are relevant to my blog (Exercise, Humor and God)

Here it goes:

"Get Fit Mondays:" These posts will be dedicated to my fitness goals for the week. This will help me stay accountable, as well as actually having a plan, for once!

"Cute Photo Tuesdays:" Just to make you smile :)

"Anecdote Wednesdays:" These will be anything from the past or present. Funny, embarrassing or ironic stories simply to entertain. I'm kind of toying with the idea of using illustrated stories on these, so stay tuned for that!

"Hearty Chuckle Thursdays:" How do you follow up funny illustrated anecdotes? With humorous pictures, of course! Ever seen a friend post a picture that literally made you laugh out loud? These will be those photos.

"Growing With Jesus Fridays:" God is constantly moving in my life, as well as those around me. Fridays will be devoted to sharing some of those "life with God" stories.

"Project: Vlog Saturdays:" This is an idea that I came up with last week. Not sure what is going to come with this, or what the direction will be, so this is another "stay tuned" section.

"Sunday Savings:" My man and I will be diving into the world of couponing and saving. This is an uncharted territory with both of us, so on Sundays the blog will just update you on how that is going, and (hopefully) keep track of how much we have saved to-date.
----- ----- ----- -----

So there it is. The Plan. Fleshing it out like that is scary, because of the whole, "What if I fail?" thing. But, all I can do is dive in, do my best, and learn in the whole process.

The funny thing in all this is that even in the scary part of letting you guys in on my plan, I already feel better. Not as overwhelmed. Like this whole "writing a blog" thing is doable. Because it is.

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