Monday, November 5, 2012

Unwinding and Destressing... Kid-Style

This is the fifth post in a series for #NonstopNovember. If you need/want to catch up with the other posts this month, you can click here and it will bring you to those included in the series.
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I have a fairly easy job. Well, once I got into the swing of things anyways. I get to play with two funny, beautiful little girls. One is two and quite easily one of my best friends. The other is a new addition to our secret club and loves to laugh and smile.

As easy and fun as it is 99% of the time, there are always those days, when I'm feeling a little funky or when one of the girls is a little off her game. Today, was in that 1%. The older girl was super wound up from being kinda cooped up this morning, and still adjusting to daylight savings time. And when I got there, she was just sort of pinging around like a bouncy ball in a hallway. And baby sis needed to be fed right away. So began my work week.

The cool thing about my job? Naptime. No matter how my day is going, I have a guaranteed time of quiet. I try my hardest so that both girls are sleeping at the same time so that I can unwind and quiet my brain. Today was one of those days when I really, really needed it.
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Usually, I'll read or watch a movie on Netflix. Sometimes, I'll have stuff to work on that I busy myself with-- stuff that doesn't involve Elmo and crayons and bubbles.

Today, I spend an hour playing with a dollhouse. It's okay for you to laugh at me. I laughed a little when I told The Man about it. But, here's the thing about that dollhouse: I spent about 30 minutes rearranging the furniture. and then another 30 minutes playing with the people in all the rooms.

It was so relaxing, to just be able to be a kid again.

Well, until the real kids woke up...

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