Monday, December 5, 2011

Rain, Storage, and Saying Goodbye...

On today's agenda:

1. Take half of my things to storage. Because my apartment will not be ready until Dec 16th, I cannot take everything at once. So, I am storing everything except my clothing and art/craft things at my good friend's house. Today is the day to take everything over. Except.... I wasn't planning on rain. All day. Grr. Oh well. A faithful friend is going to help me take what I couldn't tomorrow morning before I leave the state.

2. Do laundry and pack clothing. I am packing a suitcase of everything I anticipate needed over the next 10 days so that I won't have to rummage through my Jeep to get anything. Since I wear a variety of clothing, this is going to be difficult. But, I will try to make it as simple as possible.

3. Have dinner with my mom and say goodbye to a friend. We are eating at my friend's restaurant so I can see her. I am also pretty sure my mom is going to miss me a lot (lol), so she's getting in as much time as possible.

4. Cuddle with my kitten. He knows something is going on. He sees boxes, me very busy, and his living area being quite disrupted. He is being so sad! I can't go in a room and close the door without him laying outside crying this pitiful little sound :,( I am not taking him down with me tomorrow. My roommate is watching him until I come back for Christmas.

5. Cry. I haven't cried about moving yet, but I know it's coming. I'm leaving tons of people that I've grown so close to- some of whom I am not able to say "goodbye" to. I have tissues, and am fully emotionally prepared ;)

Expect pictures from the drive down :) It's supposed to be okay weather tomorrow- so that's a plus!

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