Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Have Good Friends

I am so thankful for the friends that God has blessed me with here in OH.

My friend, Allison, came over last night and hung out with my while I packed. Packing, as it turns out, is a lonely thing to do when you're doing it by yourself. I found myself getting sad and feeling a little anxiety. So, I invited Allison over just to talk with me and keep me company while I packed about three or four boxes. It was refreshing. I'm going to miss her.

I was running low on boxes. So, I posted something on facebook asking if anyone had any and got two people volunteering their boxes for me :) What a blessing. The ones I picked up last night were in assorted shapes and sizes, so it will be perfect for all the stuff I have! I am picking up more tonight or tomorrow.

In five days, I will be fleeing the state. Five. It's hard to take in.

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