Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busy, Busy Bumblebee (Fun-Time Photo Dump 2)

I am not a "sit around and wait for an opportunity" person. I have now been without a job for 21 days. Some would consider this mini-vacation amazing. I did too.... for the first week. I hiked, I drove around town, I saw sites. Then, I realized... this is life. I need to do something. I am a Martha. I "Mary-ed" around for a bit, and then felt the pull to be productive. The blog that follows documents how I have kept myself busy the past few weeks that I have been here in VA.

I've been crafty:

These are scarves I made from old t-shirts :)
I posted them on my Facebook, and people liked them enough that I've sold 7 of them so far.

Watercolored pages of a book + old Holiday bags and paper = Holiday postcards :)

These are postcards that I made to send to people all over North America (and one in The Holy Land!) I love hand-making presents, because it seems more personal and a little piece of me goes with it :)

In lieu of my cat still being in OH (sob!!), I have been bonding with my roommate's cats. They are ever-so funny :)

Meet: Minion and Little Bit. They are cute, cuddly, and hilarious!!

They like to hide: in my shower, under the rug, in my closet. know... sayin' "O, hai! Be mine fren?"

Observing Christmas :)

I was pleasantly surprised to see these sights on the campus of Liberty University :)
It made me long for Easton Town Centre's decor.


Okay, so I feel like this was a successful photo dump :)

I hope you feel updated as well as visually stimulated!! :D

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