Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Helpful Tips for Traveling Alone

I drove by myself to Lynchburg, VA yesterday. This is a trip I have done many times, so it was nothing exciting. Except.... This is an "I'm moving here" trip, which means my Jeep was stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey with anything and everything I could fit inside. Everything else is in storage until Christmas.

Here are a few things I thought of on the way down:

1. I start every road trip listening to Mike Wojniak. It always gets me in the mood for an adventure and lifts my spirits. If you have not heard of him, look him up on Spotify or go here. As a person, he has such a humble heart. His music is amazing and consistently affects me in a deep way.

2. It is hard to play any kind of travel games when you are driving alone. Tag and Hide-and-Seek are automatically out due to practicality and safety issues. I also rule out anything counting license plates, since I am doing my best to watch the road. So, I usually just sing. This time, I started to go hoarse after singing my favorite songs at the top of my lungs through the state of West Virginia.

3. When pulling out of any parking lot, it is always good to check to make sure your door is latched tightly. As I was getting back on a toll road, I noticed a whistling coming from my driver's side front door. So, I locked it just in case it was not latched properly. But, when I locked it, I accidentally pushed on it, and the door went flying open. At 70 MPH. It was scary. I'm pretty sure that my strong desire not to die is what helped me keep it together enough to pull the door shut again. Whew.

4. No matter what McDonald's I ever stop at while traveling, none of them ever have ice cream. Sometimes, I just want one of those snack-size McFlurries. Well, no McLuck. I can never get one while on the road. I think I officially give up. I will stick with Dairy Queen if I want ice cream.

5. No matter where I go or what time I get in, my mom always wants a call to say that I am safe. I am okay with this. But, here's a recap of last night's conversation:

"Hey mom, I'm 10 minutes away from where I'm staying. I just wanted to give you a call and let you know."
"Thanks Lindsay, I'm glad you made it in one piece."
"Me too. By the way, I need to warn you that you are going to see something on Facebook about my door flying open while I was driving. Don't freak out. I was wearing my seat belt and I'm okay. I just wanted to give you the heads up."
"You're welcome. Alright, well have a good night. I will see you in a few weeks."
"Wait. Call me when you get there."
"What? Mom. I'm literally 1 mile away now. I'm going to be fine."
"Right, but call me."
"Mom. I will text you. Nothing is going to happen to me between now and then."
"Okay. I love you."

That is what I like to call compromise :)

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