Friday, December 23, 2011


Okay, so I have found that not having a job yet has definitely challenged me with both eating and exercise. Why?

1. I have been trying to eat extremely cheaply. Like, college student cheap. That means sodium and processed foods galore! Mac and cheese tastes amazing to me, even after all these years... but something's gotta give!

How can people eat healthy foods on a budget? I bet there's a website for that! (Will be updating this on a later post :P)

2. I have been trying to be creative in earning money. I have been making these uber-cool scarves and selling them (yay for extra money!)... but this requires me sitting still for 1-1.5 hours per scarf. Which is fine, but once I'm in the zone, I may be busting out 2-3 at a time. By the time that is done, I can find a long list of reasons why I don't really need to get up and do anything else.

Solution??? Maybe taking a break in between scarves to go for a brisk walk around the apartments? That seems like a fair trade. It actually would get my blood flowing more and probably help me stay alert to.... make more scarves!

Now, to just put this into action.....

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