Monday, December 12, 2011

Living + Laughing + Loving

Unrelated to anything else that happened the past few days, I am going to start off with a cute/funny/hilarious/made-me-giggle picture:

Source: via Mahnoor on Pinterest

Get it? LOL!

K, so back to the events at hand: I woke up to a Facebook message from my friend, Mike, saying this:

"Ok guys, looks like I'm going to be sworn in at 1:45 today at the circuit court clerks office. (On the side about 2/3 of the way up Monument Terrace) If you're free, please come be there for it."

I had no idea what he was being sworn in to, but seeing as the location was a governmental office, I figured this was legit.

Proud moment :) But, I wondered what would happen if he said, "I don't."

What I found out later: The cool story behind this is that there were two write-in options to elect on the board of Soil and Water Conservation. Mike's friend thought to himself, "I should write-in Mike." So he did. Then, he told Mike and Mike spread the word via Facebook and voila: He was elected. Random, but pretty sweet. It was a cool moment to witness.

P.S. He said "I do" of course.

Weird things I saw while downtown:

1. There was a kid talking on his phone while skateboarding down the street. I mean, seriously. I skateboarded. Once. It is considered an extreme sport. Why make it more dangerous by talking on the phone?

2. A car turned to drive down 9th St. Then, he changed his mind and went backwards up the street. Then, he changed his mind again (at this time, I decided it was officially a woman) and proceeded to drive back down the street. I can understand being indecisive about an outfit, but driving requires complete commitment to your decisions.

3. There was this crazy chick laying on the sidewalk just to get a better angle for a picture. How gross! Doesn't she know that germs and bacteria are all over the floor? Yuck!

Oh wait. That was me. But look at the picture:

The focus could've been better, but I just like the angle :) It was SO worth getting the germs all over myself.

Creepy alleyways and stairwells:

Photo 1: Cree-py! Photo 2: If a construction cone didn't make it, I probably won't either. -_--------------------

I have been determined to make friends as soon as possible here in Lynchburg. I am not sure how long God is going to have me here in VA (or on earth, for that matter!!), so I have been forcing myself to be social. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. Having conversations with complete strangers out in public.
2. Going to any (and most) events/parties/bible studies/lunches that I am invited to, as long as I am free- which I am most of the time.
3. Reaching out to people to serve them in anyways that they may need.
4. Getting to know local businesses.

Highlights from last night's Christmas party with some women from church.
We made Christmas-themed hats as a team and then were judged for a team prize. Some of the descriptions of the hats by the judges:
"Christmas Throw-Up," "Christmas Fireworks," "Southern Belle Christmas," and my table's creation was called "Christmas Bling." Fun times :)

P.S. The Grinch, Santa, and one of the Wise Men visited us too and gave us sugary yummies :)

Last but not least, here is a lesson on toe socks.

Every year, my mother gets me some sort of toe sock for Christmas. These beauties were from last year.

This is what my left shoe revealed! What?!?

I thought I felt discomfort, but I ignored it. Little did I know, my baby toe was shacking up with his neighbor! Not cool.

Anyways, that is all for now. Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I have another Christmas party to go to! I need to go to the thrift store to make my "Dirty Santa" gift extra-memorable :) muahahahahah!

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